Why The Surge in Youth Unemployment?

Various international bodies have taken an interest in the issue that hasn’t seen any light at the end of the tunnel for the past few decades – youth unemployment. Even with the advances in technology, fewer and fewer youth are getting gainfully employed. The problem is worldwide, with some areas more affected than others.

Fact is the rate of youth unemployment is rising as we speak. Despite the various measures that have been put in place to make this a thing of the past, the problem is still there. The highest number of people who are unemployed falls between the age of 15 and 24 years.

Compared to the adult unemployment rate, more and more youth are falling by the wayside in terms of gainful employment.

The Culprit: The Economy

The present economic crisis, which is deepening still, has produces a young generation that doesn’t have jobs. Those who have jobs aren’t making enough to be able to venture into self employment opportunities.

The youth are always the last ones to be considered for any job, and they are the first ones to get thrown out during any recruitment exercise. The nothing that interviewers have is that anyone who is young doesn’t have the right experience to handle organizational responsibilities and challenges.

Underdeveloped Vs Developed Countries

The condition of the economy is worse in underdeveloped countries as compared to those that have made a step. Some countries have put measures in place to make sure their youth are catered for. Other countries are in the process while others haven’t even started.

Long time ago, it was possible for a young person to get a day job and attend night classes to work his way through college. These opportunities have become few, with the available ones being grabbed quickly by the few who have an idea that they exist. Get more vigilant to find a way to double your chances.


When they are still in school, young people are told how studying hard guarantees them plum jobs. At the end of college, reality sinks in because the job market is so competitive that getting a job becomes a job in itself. Even those with the best grades aren’t spared, because at the end of the day a single job posting attracts thousands of applicants. Really, is this the way to go?

The Bottom-line

The worst result of increase in youth unemployment is the steady increase in crime rate. Due to long periods of inactivity and escalating financial needs, the youth have to find a way to earn that extra dollar.