What is the Ideal Natal or Birth Chart in Astrology?

One can learn about the positions of planets and points by house, sign and aspect after having a birth chart. The hemisphere emphasis, lunar phases and other things may be interpreted by exploring deeper the natal chart of an individual. As per Psychic Fact, each natal chart is unique just like a fingerprint. There are various types of birth chart but their goals are the same. They vary on the approach and astrological tradition used. Western natal charts usually look different from the Indian birth charts.

Why is it important?

It is essential to have a glimpse on a person’s birth chart when it comes to analysis of relationship. Loving ourselves is a great consideration before we offer our hearts to other people. Our own personal issues are faced in close relationships.

These themes are normally expressed within intimate relationships. The first topic is “Projection” wherein an individual shows a certain trait or feeling towards someone. This person might think that the shown trait came from outside, but it is called the “disowned” trait or feeling. We tend to disclaim a certain trait because of inability to take a risk or responsibility for the shown behavior or attitude. Whenever we project something, we are avoiding responsibility towards someone. People became passive and the other person whom they have shown the traits became the aggressor. Within close relationships, one is attracted to people whom he has disowned the traits. Projection usually happens at the Descendant, oppositions and with Saturn.

What can you usually found in birth chart?

In the birth chart, Venus oppositions are also subject to projection. The planet opposite to Venus might be projected into couples within relationships. On the other hand, people can show emotional state towards others through the Moon oppositions found in the birth chart.

Projected qualities can also be found in the 12th house. When someone feels that his 12th house is activated, he tends to be more connected with his hidden emotions and traits within him. A repressed material can be shown through self-defeating qualities. We see these qualities in fantasy rather than in a direct manner. Repression is often signified with the help of the 12th house. Through the 12th house, there is a feeling of rejection in the early life which may be caused by one’s parents. Repressed qualities are possible to distort and can make others hurt.

Seeing the Saturn in one’s birth chart can give a clue to several areas wherein we feel ashamed. If a person cannot overcome certain issues or problems, he can affect their relationships with others. An individual may tend to put the suffering on people nearest to him just to overcome his own shame. Instead of putting misery towards others, he might resolve his own issue. Being guided by the meaning of the presence of a planet on his birth chart, the individual can be more independent.

By knowing the existence of planets on your birth chart, you can know more about your own qualities as a person. It also necessary to be aware of the signs present on the individual’s partner. After both sides have an understanding of their birth chart, they can still do something for the improvement of their relationship.