Tips For Increasing Instagram Followers

Instagram ranks among the fastest growing social platforms. This platform has overtaken Twitter based on the number of monthly users even through Twitter is older. Instagram has a unique approach from both Facebook and Twitter, and that is why it stands out from the crowd. This platform focuses on visuals rather than twitter which resembles a micro-blogging platform while Facebook focuses on connecting people. Getting followers on a social platform is the first step towards increasing conversions. You can engage the followers on a pre-sale program or even give them free samples and collect feedback before you launch your product. The following are simple tips to increase your followers on Instagram:

    • Use relevant hashtags

Most social media platforms display posts based on the time they were posted. It thus means that it is very hard for a customer in a different time zone to view your post promptly. However, hashtags keep your posts visible as long as followers refresh their feeds based on hashtags. They also increase the exposure of your posts as people who are following certain hashtags have a chance to see your posts. Be creative and make posts that add value to readers and still use hashtags that are relevant.

    • Outsource the management of your Instagram account

Managing a social media account is very involving and may at times leave you with limited time to do service delivery. Most people use bots but remember having a personal touch is very important when running a marketing campaign. Luckily enough, you can use services such as sprout social that can manage and naturally grow your followers without violating Instagram’s terms of use. You can thus focus on other things such as fulfilling orders and coming up with policies that will drive your company forward.

    • Post fresh content

You should develop a posting schedule and give your customers something to look forward to on a regular basis. For instance, you can do quotes on Mondays, memes on Thursdays and promotions on Fridays. You should develop a posting schedule that suits your program. Ensure that you post high-quality content that educates or informs followers. Tag influencers on your posts and encourage them to share your posts and gain more followers. Entice people to share your content by giving freebies or discounts to those who share.

Growing social media following takes time and a lot of efforts. Observe the best practices of Instagram marketing for you to succeed.