Shopping for Wood Shredders? Consider these 3 Factors

Power tools are important for both domestic and commercial applications. However, when you shop for a chipper or a shredder, the market has all sorts of brands, which could make it difficult to choose the right machine for your needs. For example, wood shredders are available in light and heavy-duty categories each with distinctive features and specifications.

Initially, you need to know the features of wood shredders and to understand their difference from other power tools. To begin with, wood shredders work to trim down the wood yard waste so you can dispose of it easily. This makes a shredder important for gardeners, landscapers, and even real estate investors who are trying to put up new structures.

 Uses of shredded yard waste

Once you have the yard waste reduced, you could utilize it in various ways. You can use it to pave the walkways or as a lining for your flowerbeds. Better still, you could use it as compost manure, which you can sell or use in your garden.

Wood shredders come in various sizes and designs for various levels of application. The following factors could help you choose the right wood shredder to meet your needs.

Domestic or commercial application

At the time of shopping for a wood shredder, you need to know the purpose for which you need the machine. Commercial wood shredders are heavy-duty, which enables them to handle big logs or wood and tree stumps. They are also more durable. If you want just a simple machine for home-level use, then you can go for a simple, light-duty wood shredder, which could also be less expensive.

Size of application

After knowing the type of machine you need, you should know the size of the area you would like to cover wit your machine. Sometimes you might need the advice of an experienced technician to match the area with the right machine. For instance, if your yard is large and contains heavy branches, you will need a powerful machine with a bigger capacity. For a single yard with less waste, you would just require a simple light duty shredder.

Wood shredders versus chippers

Knowing the difference between the two machines could help you choose what is right for your application. While wood shredders look nearly the same as chippers, their internal operations are different. Wood shredders have lighter engines than chippers, which means they cannot handle large pieces of yard waste.

In the end, you need to consider prices of different machines before you buy. Based on their categories, wood shredders and chippers bear different price tags. However, price alone should not lead you to a preferable machine. You need to consider other factors such as the ones noted in this article.