Picking The Best Wheelbarrows For Garden and Yard Work

Ever had a sizeable load in your yard and had to make a couple of trips to clear it? Maybe you have never thought about owning a wheelbarrow. While most of us believe that wheelbarrows are for construction purposes whereby they are used to carry irregular and rough objects, there are different models which can be used to carry simple loads such as trash, flowerpots, and wood. The various types of wheelbarrows that can be used in the compound or in the garden to make ground work more efficient and less strenuous. These are some of the examples;

Worx Aerocart

If you have to move different items around your home occasionally the Worx Aerocart is an appropriate wheelbarrow to own. A major benefit of the wheelbarrow is that it shifts the center of gravity to adjust to the position of the load. More importantly, when you are carrying irregular loads, you can pull out the two extensions to support it and prevent from falling.

Garden Poly Dump Cart

The manufacturer regards the wheelbarrow as the “heavy duty.” Ever thought of moving an incredible load of more about 1000 pounds? Garden Poly Dump Cart is the machine to move such a load almost effortlessly. It has four wheels to reduce the amount of force used to push the load. The cart is deep to accommodate a big load, and it can accommodate irregular objects. If you find the load too heavy to push, the wheelbarrow’s handle can be connected to a tractor. You can always check http://www.wheelthat.com/ for buyers guide and additional information regarding this and other wheelbarrow brands.

Wheelzbarrow Three Tire

You may also consider this model for its improved stability and control. When navigating on uneven ground, you have the liberty to lift the two rear wheels or tilt the front wheel for increased balance at the back. Also when using the wheelbarrow, you do not have to be overly sensitive about your upper body strength since its handle is a continuous metal bar which makes pulling and pushing easy.

Garden Wheeleasy Folding Yard Cart

If your idea of owning a wheelbarrow is held back by the limited place for storage, the Folding Yard Cart has been designed to address the problem. After working with it in the yard, the wheelbarrow can be collapsed and folded into an almost seamless profile and can be stored among other garden tools in limited space.

Although the wheelbarrows have different price ranges, they have been designed to move items of varying sizes and shape. While shopping for one, you need to consider the intended function and make an informed decision. Your perception should now shift from taking a wheelbarrow as an auxiliary item to an essential machine that should be among your yard tools.