Laser Engraving Machines for Metal

Finding a machine that can engrave metal is not a very easy task. I looked around at several online shopping platforms and the choice was very limited so we have to dig a little deeper to find something and I can tell you right now that it won’t be as cheap as you expected so be prepared to dig in your wallet as well.

The most affordable model I found is the Sunwin 15 Watt mini do it yourself laser engraver, which allows you to engrave metal, steel, iron, and stone. While the cheaper ones are only suitable for softer materials like plastic, wood, bamboo, and such.

At only $499 and two people that left a 5-star review this is probably a solid product, and most likely the best bang for your buck. The machine weighs only 2.4kg and the software is compatible with any Windows version. Then they go into a lot of technical blah blah that I can’t really help you with but I can tell you what’s included, the machine itself and protected glasses.

The machine is built in such a way that there are no limitations on the size of the object you want to engrave which is a huge plus.

I found another one at eBay called the DIY 2417 Mini engraving machine. It’s a second hand one but I wanted to keep it affordable for you so for two hundred dollars you can get yourself started, a great deal for people that still have some doubts how often they will actually engrave objects.

It’s one thing to buy such a machine, it’s another thing to actually use it on a regular base. You do need to assemble it yourself but it comes with a decent manual and they clearly state that this machine is not meant for production use, only for hobby crafting instead so keep that in mind.

Also important to note is that it can’t carve hard metal materials like iron, brass or steel but is limited to soft metals like alloy and copper, as well as plastic, wood, you name it.

Other items that are included in this DIY package are a spindle motor, a power supply, data lines and a knife. When I look at that list of materials it appears it will require quite a bit of effort to put this machine together so if you get the same feeling as me you might want to skip on this one and get a ready-made one in-house.