Kinds o Bottle Openers

There are quite a range of bottle openers. Not all bottle openers work the way but all of them work on the same principle. All bottle openers will do the same job of opening a bottle.

Standard Style Opener

Like its name it is the standard bottle opener. It’s the classic opener used by most bartending professionals. Its also called ‘speed or bar blade’ by many pros. The design of this opener is quite simple. Its a 7inch long tin blade with a hole in each of its end.

Card Style Opener

They are designed to make you easily carry it around. They have the same size with your credit card. If you conveniently carry your credit cards around then you can also take this opener any where you go.

Gun Style Opener

If you’re a gun lover then this is for you. I know you’ll like it. It’s easy to carry around. It’s made in the likeness an ln image and likeness of a Short gun. Its also easy to use.

Mini Style Opener

The mini style bottle opener comes with the same design as type standard speed blade opener. The difference is that its 4 inch and not 7. Like its name its portable and easy to carry around. You can easily carry it on your key holder. You can some of them at

PSR Style Opener

This is an ideal opener for pro bartenders. The acronym is Pour Spout Removal. Its design is made specially to help remove the pour spout from liquor bottles. They can be tough to remove but not with PSR. This PSR serves two different purposes; it’s like having two bartending tool. This opener is quite popular.

Vrod Style Opener

This popular bottle opener is an ergonomically designed PSR style bottle opener. The Vrod opener comes with a pear-shaped opening at one end just like a PSR. This is used to remove even stubborn pour spouts.  The Vrod opener at the other end contains a very impressive bottle opener you will like.

The main difference you will notice between this two is that the PSR opener is the same width all over but the Vrod style opener is narrow around the middle.

The next time you pick up a bottle opener you’ll easily identify it by its name. All bottle openers open bottles but they all come in different sizes, style, shape and design. You can get one that fits your style, class and personality for your personal use.