Is Your Mattress Aggravating Your Back Pain? Get a New One!

If you are being troubled by back pain, you have undoubtedly suspected your mattress. You might be wondering if it could be contributing to your problem. One of the signs that your mattress is the issue is when you wake up each day with a nagging back pain. If you are suffering from back pain, your mattress might be making the pain worse.

You need to change your mattress. Doing so helps relieve the nagging pain. It also gives you a perfect night’s sleep.

Types of Back Pain

Back pain takes a variety of forms, ranging from sciatica all the way to pain in the upper back. Previously, you were advised that the firmer the mattress, the more support you enjoyed. But today we know this was wrong advice. In fact, when it comes to pain from sciatica, a firm mattress is the worst choice you can make.  The nature of back pain has made manufacturers to come up with special mattresses for this role. Check out to understand the best mattresses to help you with back pain.

Back Support vs. Comfort

Studies show that a medium level of firmness is beneficial for relieving low back pain and the associated comfort. You need a combination of proper support and the right kind of pressure distribution. Pressure points and pressure distribution is one of the considerations you need to make when selecting the right mattress. Pressure distribution becomes more critical when choosing the right mattress for a pre-existing case of back pain.

While a firm mattress makes the problem more extensive, a softer one will be equally painful. The term “support” when it comes to mattresses refers to the degree to which the mattress keeps your body level when you lie on it.

Making the Purchase

Although experts recommend that you change your mattress every eight years, new studies recommend that you do this after every five years. Studies also show that individuals that sleep in new beds report less pain. The new mattress should not allow your back to arch when you lie down. You shouldn’t also experience pressure on your hips and shoulder when you lie on your side.

In Closing

Back pain can stop you from doing so many tasks, right from house chores to job-related tasks. One way to handle this pain is to get the right mattress to sleep on. The mattress is supposed to support your body from all angles and make sure you enjoy a good night’s sleep.