How To Nail the Instagram Automation Process

Instagram automation is a godsend to business owners and busy people because handling an Instagram strategy manually is a lot to ask from entrepreneurs that have other social platforms to think about.

Automation helps you follow, like and comment on hundreds of users each day. You can leave thousands of comments, and matching likes. This helps give you authority and consistency on this platform where numbers mean everything.

Why should you do this? Well, engaging on Instagram is the best way to get noticed and to get followers.

But with all the excitement comes a hitch – the possibility of getting shut down. You can’t risk losing your account by doing things the wrong way. Here are some tips to keep you afloat in the deep waters of Instagram at all times.

Start Slow

As you engage and post, Instagram uses several tools to monitor your activity. They know that you usually get a hundred or so likes each day and you get followers in a certain range. If your engagement levels skyrocket instantly without any reason, you stand to arouse the suspicion of the robots.

What you need to do is to start off slowly. Analyze your performance and build slowly on it. Let everything seem natural. For instance, if you are getting 1000 likes each day, then use the bot to raise them to 1500 each day for the next one week and so on.

Let Everything Match

One of the mistakes that users make is to go ahead of themselves and automate only one aspect of engagement on Instagram. For instance, you buy more likes that don’t match the number of followers you have. You need o know that whatever the case, you can never have more likes on a post than the number of followers. This discrepancy is what makes your account look suspicious, and attract penalties.

Understand Your Schedule

You need to learn your audience. If your audience is predominantly from the US, then the engagement pattern should match the lifestyle of the audience. Take time and learn the demographics so that you can schedule posts and comment naturally. Incorporate the schedule into your bot, such as to get the best from your efforts.  Failure to synchronize your engagement makes it hard for you to convince Instagram that you aren’t automating your engagement.

In Closing

Make sure you balance all aspects of your engagement so that you don’t give Instagram an excuse to ban your account. Using automation makes everything easy, but you need to be careful.