How to Be an 80s or 90s Old-School Superstar

Want to be an old-school superstar that lots of younger folks admire?

Well, not many people can blame you if you do. After all, the classic style – even in writing — is always going to be a hit. And it’s definitely worth reliving.

So here’s what you do.

Be Specific about What You Want

First, ask yourself these questions:

Do you want to have a grunge appearance? Do you want to look like a pop star? How about the girl/boy next door look?

Watching 80s and 90s-themed movies can help you out with this.

But hold up. To look good and cool, first, you need to have a clear definition of what’s good and cool for you and for other people. Listen to what they have to say and follow their suggestions if necessary.

Normally, you shouldn’t pay attention to other people’s opinions. But because you want to be a symbol of admiration, maybe it’s best to bring them into the scene, too.

Whatever you want, go for it. Just decide on a single style for consistency.

Wear Leather

Then, wear the right outfit.

Leather jeans and a leather jacket will get you an old-school superstar status. It’s what stars in the 80s and 90s wear – and actually look really good in them! If they were able to pull it off, so can you!

Do you know that girl/guy who sports a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle? That’s what you should go for!

Don’t have these clothes, you say?

Well, it’s time to let your creativity run free. You can make a Do It Yourself leather jacket, you know.

Get Your Gear on

A turntable is among the things you want to have so you will nail the old-school style. Vinyl Vintage can help you out with reviews of the best turntables out there!

Then put on some good music and listen away!

Apart from that, why not get a sound system and a red Camaro, too?

You might think the idea of this is all about materialism. Well, sorry to break your bubble. But it’s not.

Instead, the idea here is to have these gear so you could feel as if you’re living in the 80s or 90s!


Best of all, check your attitude – and recalibrate it if you must. For example, if you’re going for the girl/boy next door, it’s best to have a laidback personality.

Getting your attitude in check helps your situation. Without a doubt, the classic old-school style works. But only if you put 100% effort into it!