House warming gifts on a budget- What to buy for the friend that has everything.

These days kids are staying at home longer. In the 60s and 70s, people were getting married and moving into their own home as young as their late teens and early 20’s. Today that age has risen to the mid to late twenties. People are staying home with mum and dad longer, allowing them to save enough to enter the increasingly difficult first home owners market.

When your friends do finally make that big step to buy their first home, they will likely celebrate by throwing a house-warming party. This means that you are going to need to buy them a house warming present, but what can you get them that a, they don’t already have and b, isn’t going to cost you a fortune? (After all, you’re probably saving for your own home, or struggling to pay your own mortgage)

Make your gift something personal, but also useful. A good point to remember is that you will want to get something personal that will last. A bottle of wine will get drunk in one night, however a quality wine opener, they will keep in their kitchen for years to come.

Here are a few budget friendly suggestions;

Kitchen accessories;

As we just mentioned, a quality wine opener and other kitchen accessories are great options. If your friends don’t drink wine, you could consider an automatic can opener or a hand-held mixer.


A glass or crystal vase filled with brightly colored gerberas will provide a happy burst of color to the new home. After the flowers have wilted, your friends will be able to keep the vase and think of you whenever they use it.

Book ends;

Are your friends book lovers? A novel set of personalized bookends will show that you know them well and have thought about the gift. Add a geeky twist, with Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings stylized bookends.


A decorative wall mirror can add style to any room. To save money and add a personal touch at the same time, you can buy a plain mirror and decorate the frame yourself. Make a collage of photos including yourself and your friends around the edges of the mirror for a gift they will treasure forever.

Hopefully, we have been able to give you some helpful ideas of gifts that will impress without breaking the bank. Buying a house is exciting, but making it a home is what really counts.