Foosball Fanaticism

History of Foosball Phenomenon

Foosball, also known as “Table Football” or “Fuzboll”, sometimes called “Table Soccer” is a table-top game and a sports that is somewhat based on “Association Football”. Although, very similar games date back to 1890’s, the game as we know it today was invented by Harold Searles Thornton in 1922. A UK patent was obtained a year later. Harold aimed to create an indoor game that mimicked football and could be played in limited space such as inside a home. The inspiration of this game came from a number of matches laid inside a box.

Harold’s uncle Louis P. Thornton took the idea to his resident country, Unites States where this game was patented in 1927 but this game did not take off and this patent was left to expire. But after a few decades the game really blasted into a resounding success there in the United States.

The success of Foosball started in 1950’s when the game started to get organized and the initial leagues started to get formed. It was an American soldier Lawrence Patterson who reintroduces the game in the United States in 1962 as he played it when he was stationed in Europe in the early Sixties. Recognizing the potential of this game, Lawrence trademarked the game “Foosball” in both United States and Canada. In 1970’s the first American-made foosball table came into existence and shortly after this Foosball became a national phenomenon in the US. Foosball tables were made in Europe but as this game started to be popularized in the United States, the foosball table started to be made there. For your best choice of a wide variety of foosball tables you can have a look at this link

The Sport of Foosball

Foosball game requires a lot of manual dexterity and it is also an inexpensive pastime and popular entertainment. If you seek a simplistic hobby that may bloom into a competitive sportsmanship, you may decide to think of buying a foosball table for your home or business leisure to shed off some stress with your friends, family, loved ones or colleagues.

The Foosball is played by players with two teams. Each team face each other on the opposite sides of the Foosball table. There are rotating rods that are fitted with football player figurines. Each player normally holds one handle fitted with the rod in each hand to spin or rotate the player figurines a small plastic ball. The small plastic ball is served from a hole or placed in the center of the Foosball table. The players attempt to move or hit the ball with the figurines mounted on the rotating rods into the opposite goals.

Playing Foosball for Big Money

As the Foosball game is widely played for fun in workplaces, pubs, bars, schools and clubs with few rules, the game is also having a very serious side to it as there are organized competitions, professional tours and big money events. The International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) is a non-profit organization based in France that promotes foosball and regulates international events, annual World Championships and the World Cup that involves big cash prizes ranging anywhere from $50,000 to “Quarter Million Dollars Tours”.

Foosball is definitely a very popular indoor sports and it is played and liked by people from around many different parts of the world. At the same time, the foosball professional players are not in short of tournaments and competitions with handsome rewards.