Factors To Keep In Mind While Selecting An Ideal Food Slicer For The Kitchen

Meat slicer is a handy kitchen appliance, especially when you entertain lot of guests at home. There are several recipes that need slicing and so you can find plenty of slicers designed for residential and professional use.

There are large and powerful meat slicers designed for professional use in catering or restaurant businesses. Therefore, if you don’t own a slicer, it is worthy to invest in one. You can visit review websites to learn all about Slicer Wiser explained in detail by the experts.

Factors to keep in mind while buying food slicer

Determine the usage frequency

If your plan is to use the slicer few times in a year then avoid professional graded one. Alternatively, if you plan to use it on a large scale for big get-together then professional food slicer is a good choice.

Where you plan to store it?

If your plan is to keep the food on counter top then it is crucial to look for one that fits well. Obviously, large size means it will occupy more space and big means heavy. If you plan to move around a bit consider looking for light size.


Consider budget is also crucial. You may even feel that if the cost is a little high, it does not matter. Just imagine how much you paid till now for buying sliced meat. Moreover, how much you will save in future by slicing meat at home.

This does not mean that you should totally ignore the price. A belief that the most expensive slicer is the best one should not be fostered. It is vital to read slicer reviews and buy a model that is popular and appreciated for its performance.

Easy to clean

Normal slicers are designed with a blade, food pusher, food carriage, and thickness plate. Make sure that the opted one is easy to dismantle and clean. Machines with etched grooved may give trouble because juices tend to ooze out into the food carriage.

Determine slicer size and motor speed

Electric slicers operating on motor are available between ¼ hp to ½ hp. It determines the speed you will be allowed to slice the food. Normally blade sizes differ and range between 8” to 14”. For home owners 10” slicer is ideal but professional cooks can select 12” or 14” blade size.

Determine thickness plate

Slicers include thickness plate, which allow you to decide the thickness of the sliced food. You can select wafer thin to one inch thick pieces. Make sure to select thickness plate that does not restrict your slicing needs.