Boost Your Instagram Follower Count With These 5 Tips
Boost Your Instagram Follower Count With These 5 Tips

With Instagram’s growing popularity, even businesses and marketers try to leverage its benefits. Of course, a prerequisite to gain something from Instagram is a huge follower base. Thus, you need to employ these tips if you wish to make the most out of the platform.

Tip #1: Give and Take in Following

Since you wish to increase your follower base, you should start by following other users. After all, you need to ensure that others will think that you are willing to give them something, rather than plainly expecting them to follow you. For example, you can comment on someone else’s page, which may increase the chances of them visiting yours. After all, reciprocation is what enables micro-communities to develop and mature.

Tip #2: Post Only High-Quality Content

This much is obvious, after all, no one is willing to follow someone whose content is mediocre. Thus, you may want to offer viewers the only top-quality images that you can upload. Furthermore, it raises your credibility as a user of Instagram, as people will see that you are a reliable source of images. Also, that would mean you can find natural followers who follow you because of the quality you offer.

Tip #3: Go All-Out With Hashtags

With Instagram’s hashtag system, others can quickly search for their desired content. Thus, you may want to appropriately utilize all the thirty hashtags that are available, to ensure that your viewers see your content as relevant to your tags. Doing so increases the likelihood that others will view your page and consequently, follow you.

Tip #4: Work Smartly in Gaining Followers

Gaining followers in Instagram has something to do with wits and not time spent. For example, instead of responding to all those who comment on your page, you can choose to reply to those who are likely to be your loyal follower. By doing this, you save time and also increase the efficiency of the work that you do.

Tip #5: Allow a Bot to Work In Your Place

Although this may seem like an absurd method from your point of view, using a bot is not all that bad. After all, a bot can take over as you are idle or asleep, and your follower count will continue to go up. If you would like top-quality, reliable bots, then check out Instazood Review – Fred Harrington to get some crucial information.


If you intend to increase your Instagram’s follower count, then you may apply these tips. You may do a mutual following, post high-quality content, make the most out of hashtags, carefully select who to reply to, or use bots as your last resort.